LinkedIn Profile & Article Optimization Tips


The 21st century in one word is technologically driven. Starting from searching for jobs online on different applications, to generating long paragraphs by putting just a simple sentence - technology has overshadowed every aspect of our lifestyle.

Using technology, you can get your message directly to your targeted audience, cutting the noise of the massive online world. This technology is called ‘Optimization’ using which you can reach your desired audience in a seamless manner.

Today, the most common application that we have all come across to apply for various jobs or connect with a number of businesses is LinkedIn. But at times you might see that although you have a well-updated LinkedIn profile, you are somehow unable to target your true audience. This might be because you are not optimizing it the correct way.

Are you certain that whatever services or products you are offering, the right people are able to find them? If not then do not worry, we have got you covered.

In this blog, you will come across a number of interesting tips and tricks that will enable you to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that you are able to attract the specific group who is interested in your business/service/products.

Now, when a particular person is trying to work with a specific sales executive, it is found that 72% of the new age buyers usually look forward to connecting with a LinkedIn profile. This calls for accurate optimization of your LinkedIn profile using all the right resources.

Well, having a very generalized version of your brand is actually quite unappealing. What if someone Googles your business and finds out that your profile is barely there, and in worst-case scenarios, not there at all? These are the times when you really need to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

To ensure that the desired people are able to find out your profile, you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile with the help of  SEO.

Now, most of you might be thinking what is SEO? And how to optimize blogs for SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of enhancing your business profile to rank higher on the search engines page so that in turn you are able to receive traffic more than usual.  Your aim should be to rank at the top of the Google web page to target a greater audience.

The best way for blog optimization is by incorporating a few specific words into your blog. Yes, you got that right.

Words have a funny way to make your business appear at the top of the list when used correctly. The first step for you should be to use relevant words, which are also known as keywords so that when a person searches for a particular department related to your organization, your business page appears instantly.

Thus, to make sure that you are optimizing your LinkedIn business page with the exact keywords, talk to your Digital Marketing team, as they will be able to provide you with the best possible keywords. But, if you are a person who likes to go solo, then do not worry, we have a solution for you as well.

There are a number of tools that you can use to get a hold of the exact keywords that will help you to increase your visibility on the internet. Word Tracker is such a tool among the many that are available.

Another hack is by checking the keywords that are being used by a few of your competitors.  Go through their profiles once and get all the keywords that didn’t even cross your mind.

Now you must be wondering, “how to optimize your LinkedIn profile?”
Let’s have a look at a few tips and tricks that will help you to boost your LinkedIn profile.

1. Make Use Of Your Connections

Connecting with top-notch prospects seems like a good way to go. Now you might be thinking how do “connections” help you to rank higher? The answer to that is, LinkedIn makes a detailed background check of how well you are connected to the people who are trying to search for you online. Now if you have a first-level or high-authority connection, your profile is more likely to show at the top.

2. Your Name Is Important

When you are uploading your profile picture on LinkedIn, make sure it is connected with the relevant keywords. For example, if you are into digital marketing label your name should be, “John Doe, LinkedIn Digital Marketing Expert”. In doing so, when a person is searching the internet for a digital marketer, your profile will pop up and thus you can drive more organic traffic to your webpage.

3. A little Show Off is Good At Times

Type in all the activities and your past ventures related to your business with a proper picture and more proper hashtags in the Activity tab of your profile. In this way, your viewers will be able to sneak peek into some of your works and who knows, you might end up making a good, profitable connection. You can choose to customize the layout to display your best works at the front.

4. Schedule Newsletters

LinkedIn has made it easier now to boost and schedule Newsletters. All you need to do is to create good, precise content and share it at the best of times. In order to make good use of the same, you can also tap on the schedule button which you can find on the share box, and select a specific time and date for it to go live. Moreover, LinkedIn has another option so that people can subscribe to your newsletters.

5. Make Good Use Of Your Background Image

Just like a good profile picture, a well-detailed background picture is equally important. Make sure, you are putting up the right picture with either quotes or specific images that have a resemblance to your business. Do not forget to add specific keywords if possible within the quote.

6. Include Text In Your URL Link

A good intro is a great way to attract potential customers. If you scroll down a bit in the intro section, you will be able to find that there is a “LinkedIn Creator Mode”. Turn it on and save it. You will be surprised to see that there is a certain place to customize your URL by using text that is up to 30 characters.

7. Write A Good Intro About Yourself

Your LinkedIn summary should be catchy enough to stand a bit apart from the generalized crowd. Moreover, it needs to be buyer centric. LinkedIn gives you 26,000 characters to write a good and punchy introduction about yourself. But be very careful. It should not be too formal like the ones we find in a resume.

To target the right buyer, use keywords. Highlight specific portions of your page so that the target audience can find you and go through your content and profile. Since SEO optimization is vital, the About You portion of your LinkedIn profile must be crisp and should provide some insights about your business. Make it buyer-centric so that it builds a feeling of positivity and helps you to move forward with your business.

8. Customize Your Profile

Customizing your profile by filling up the various sections will help you to build networks and relationships. When you are adding more sections to your LinkedIn profile, you are able to use more keywords and phrases which are beneficial to your business.

Therefore, you can add a number of things to the “Accomplishment” section of your profile. Here you can add in the various publications, organizations, and projects you have worked with. Moreover, you can always tag them and try to leverage their network when someone searches for them on the internet.

9. Feedbacks Are Important

Feedbacks have a good way of attracting potential customers. Just like Accomplishments, good feedback or a recommendation on your profile can help you scale up your business. Moreover, client testimonials are always a bonus!

10. Hashtags

So, you might be thinking that Hashtags are only suitable for Instagram. Well no, hashtags are the only thing right now which can help your buyers to find you. Using hashtags in your content can hugely multiply your visibility. This is one great opportunity for you to appear in searches and specific topics when someone is searching for a brand.


By following these tips and tricks you will be able to easily optimize your LinkedIn profile. The tools in LinkedIn have only one target - to help multiply your visibility. Now when a user is searching for a particular business or maybe a newsletter, once they type it, your profile will be automatically visible to them, only if you are optimizing your LinkedIn profile correctly.

The advancement in technology has made it way easier for us to cater to the crowd. So why not make good use of it? With the help of SEO-optimized articles, descriptions, newsletters, hashtags, and videos you will be able to optimize your business to a great extent which in turn will increase your visibility in the search engines.

Moreover, the added features of LinkedIn have given you the power to plan and schedule your post as per your wish. So you can share them when you feel the time is right.

If you found this blog useful and want to get more insights on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, check out MyTasker. Go through our services and get to know the various Services that we offer!

And remember, you can be whatever your heart desires, all you need is to keep yourself, and your profile updated and optimized with time.

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