Google Bard: All About This New Chatbot in the Market


A few months ago, Open AI launched its AI-based chatbot and named it ChatGPT, which took the world by storm. It forced companies to expand their portfolios and enter the domain of Artificial Intelligence. Many believe this is why Google came up with its chatbot, Google Bard.

The announcement was made on February 06 this year, while the product was launched on March 21. According to the experts, this was done to bring down ChatGPT’s popularity.

But what is Google Bard? Is it different from ChatGPT, and what are the top features of Google’s new product? What are chatbots, and why do companies need them?

Keep reading as we will be answering all the questions related to Google Bard in this blog.

For now, one thing is sure. Companies are ready to spare massive amounts of money to create AI-based products and create a new revenue stream. What encourages them further is the success of ChatGPT.

Launched in November last year, this Open AI chatbot has literally become an overnight success, with over 100 million active users already. In fact, Open AI, the company behind this phenomenon, has recently attracted an investment of 10 billion dollars from Microsoft for its subsequent model GPT-4.

So, AI is growing and will continue to grow over time.

Why So Much Emphasis on AI?

AI is the technology of the future. When a company invests in AI, it secures its future. It is time and cost-efficient for consumers and for companies, it’s even more lucrative.

So, it is only logical that this technology is gaining popularity like never before. This is why the hopes are high, and the investments are even higher. A report by KPMG says that AI, Machine Learning, and Robotics are likely to attract a cumulative investment of $232 billion by 2025. That’s only two years from now.

And the AI product that is most sought after is chatbots. Data shows that around 23% of companies dealing in customer service are currently using chatbots based on AI technology.

What Are Chatbots?

The classic textbook definition of a chatbot is a program that enables conversation or interaction between users (human beings) and AI. While thousands of chatbots are currently active, the way they work is similar. A chatbot only becomes active when the users ask it a question.

Chatbots are extremely popular and are constantly learning and evolving on the basis of conversations that they have with their users. If you have food-ordering apps on your phone, the chances are that you have already interacted with a chatbot.

In fact, around 80% of people have interacted with a chatbot at some point in their lives, says this report.

Most companies use these chatbots for providing customer service and gathering information while the makers of these chatbots continue to make money. The global chatbot revenue has risen to $83.4 million this year.

The biggest names remain to be ChatGPT and Google Bard. Before we dive deep into Google Bard, let’s try to understand its biggest contender ChatGPT. 

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is actually different from other chatbots. It is much more than a regular chatbot. In simple terms, it’s a problem solver. It not only answers questions its users raise but also performs many other functions that other chatbots fail to do.

ChatGPT can write codes and generate scripts based on instructions that are provided to it by its users. Not just that, it can solve mathematical problems, and explain complex scientific as well as mathematical theorems. ChatGPT can actually write lyrics, do voiceovers, and create animated videos. Collaborating with virtual assistant services or professionals, in conjunction with utilizing AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, can indeed be a powerful way to enhance your productivity and efficiency in various tasks. 

To challenge it and provide a substitute for ChatGPT, Google has launched Google Bard.

What is Google Bard?

Well! In the statement they released while launching the product, Google typically called it an experiment. This is an experiment by Google, and it is asking people to participate in this experiment.

Again, it is an interactive chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence. According to Google, the chatbot is powered by its Language Model for Dialogue Applications, or LADMA, as Google calls it. LADMA launched two years ago, is again built on the Transformer. In fact, both GPT-3 and LADMA are based on the Transformer.

Google Bard is currently in the experimentation phase. Google has asked people to join the waitlist to become one of the first to use Bard.

Bard is only accessible through Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edgium. Also, it is currently only available in the UK and the US in English.

What Does Google Bard Do?

Much like ChatGPT, Google Bard offers content creation, problem-solving, and educational services. Google Bard can be used for translating languages, writing scripts, and gathering information. It also helps in writing codes and summarising long articles.

Let’s look at some of the services Google Bard provides -

Coding Assistance

There is good news for engineers and coders as Google has announced that its new creation, Bard, can definitely assist in coding. Though it cannot write code, it can assist coders. Bard can check your code's structure for you while highlighting errors in your code.

Content Creation

This is one feature that is very much similar to ChatGPT. It can help companies as well as individuals when it comes to content creation. While it is still too early to say what kind of content and to what extent Google Bard can create, it can definitely help in content creation.  

Bard can be used to write blogs, articles, and social media content, allowing companies an opportunity to reduce their costs while increasing their revenue.

While Google Bard and other AI-powered content creation tools can be useful for generating content quickly and efficiently, there are certain situations where hiring website content writing services may be a more appropriate choice. Experienced content writers have subject matter expertise in various industries and niches. They can produce content that demonstrates a deep understanding of your field and addresses complex or specialized topics.

Creative Content

Creative content is a little different from other forms of content. And the good news is that Bard can do both. It can be used to write poems, short stories, etc. Companies can actually use Bard to write slogans and taglines for marketing purposes.

It can even help in writing creative marketing emails and product descriptions, which are actually the backbone of digital marketing. It can also help in writing lyrics and full-fledged songs. It’s like having your own creative virtual assistant.

Generate Ideas

One feature that is grabbing a lot of eyeballs is how well Google Bard can generate ideas. If you ask for a writing prompt, it can give you several prompts to work on. It can further enhance your writing by expanding it. It can write taglines as well as short descriptions for the same.

Help With Research

When researching something, you must read and go through many long articles and reports. Here is where Google Bard comes into the picture. It can help summarise reports and web searches. It can also compare several data points and present it in the form of a chart.

Provide Feedback

Google Bard can provide feedback on your research papers, writing, and more. It can rate your writing style, structure, and tell you where it lacks. Subjects like maths and science can be easily understood using Bard as a teaching tool.

Translate Languages

Bard is one of the best translating tools. It can translate over 100 international languages and not just into English. It can translate any language into any other language.

Google has made sure that Bard can speak the language of people, which means it can connect to you in your own language.

Give Recommendations

Much like ChatGPT, it cannot design a whole itinerary for you, but it can give you some travel recommendations as to what is the best season to travel somewhere, and what all places to see there. It can also recommend some local restaurants and give you some travel pointers.

Providing Information

This is the most important feature of Google Bard. Once you ask a question, Bard will provide you with the most relevant answer.

It can scout through websites and pages to provide you with the most suitable answer in a very informative way. Google Bard says that it can answer the most challenging questions and queries extremely informatively.

The best part about Google Bard is that it has access to real-time information, unlike ChatGPT which can only access information till 2021. Google Bard has an advantage as it is a Google product. It uses Google's search engine to provide you with the most recent and relevant information.

Virtual Assistant

Bard is your new virtual assistant as it can carry out various tasks for you.

Some reports suggest that once fully functional, Google Bard will be able to set alarms, make to-do lists, and control smart home devices. It can also play music and take care of your calendar. In all, it can help you manage your time.

If you think about it, this is what an assistant does.

How To Use Google Bard?

First and foremost, the users must be above 18 to join Google Bard. To join it, you must first join the Google Bard waitlist.

There is one more condition. You must have a personal Gmail id.

When you search Google Bard on Google, the first thing you will see is the hyperlink saying, ‘Join the waitlist for Bard’.


When you click on the link, you will come across the conditions you need to fulfil to join Google Bard. For example, you must be 18 or above and the availability of your Gmail account.

To join the waitlist, click on the link saying ‘’.

As you click on that, a new page will open up. It is Bard’s homepage. You will see a blue box on the extreme bottom right-hand side of the screen. It says ‘Join Waitlist.’

Clicking on that link will take you to your Gmail account login. If you are from the US or the UK, you can join the waitlist. There, you just need to accept the terms and conditions, and voila, you can officially join the waitlist.

Once you receive access to its services, you can perform the abovementioned functions. You will find a search bar where you can type questions or your queries and wait for it to reply.

While Google Bard is creating a buzz in the market, Google itself has listed some limitations of its product.

Drawbacks of Google Bard

Google has said that Bard has some limitations as a chatbot. It said that Bard is not always right. It is still in the development phase and can make mistakes. It cannot always differentiate between accurate and inaccurate information.

Google has further said that Bard can be biased sometimes based on the algorithm of the search engine Google. Not just that, it can sometimes give inappropriate information. In a way, it’s good that it is available only for those above 18, which is another limitation as it cannot be used by all its users. 

Summary: Google Bard: All About This New Chatbot in the Market

Google has come up with the chatbot Bard to compete against ChatGPT. The AI-based chatbot offers services like content creation, information gathering, and solving problems. However, it has some limitations since it is still in the experimental phase.

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