How Social Media Marketing Is The Next Big Launchpad For New Businesses?




For any new business, a social media presence is unparalleled to staying competitive and gaining superior outreach regardless of unique existence.
We are in the digital age wherein every little thing, from our choice of clothes to bobby pins, is influenced by the portrayal of businesses on social media. One bad review and your business come can crash. If you don’t use social media marketing as a new business, people will be unaware of your brand. You will get no new customers and your competitors will take over the marketplace without any tackles. So, ask experts how can social media help a business grow significantly.

Social media marketing is essential if you want to be heard and seen; it is the next big launchpad for new businesses. The fact that over 3.7 billion people actively use social media globally sets a vast target audience base for you to increase brand awareness and improve your business reputation rapidly.

Gone are the days when traditional marketing did wonders. Today online reviews replace word of mouth and social media grids replace flyers.

This blog gives you detailed guidelines into all the aspects needed to establish an unrivalled brand reputation and customer base in the market.

We are here to tell you how to market your business on social media and how social media can help a business grow. 

What is Social Media Marketing?

A whopping 93% of marketers worldwide are using social media business. 92% of marketers associated with the US companies that house more than 100 employees will use social media for marketing in 2022 and forward.
Social media marketing is also called SMM by experts. It is a form of digital marketing that uses social media apps as the primary marketing tool.

The power of social media is beyond just connecting people; it helps new businesses connect with their target audience to:

  • Establish a brand identity
  • Drive traffic to their sales website
  • Increase sales and, thus, profit 
  • Build a loyal community of followers who convert into customers and connect with your brand values

Producing innovative and relevant content that resonates with your target audience helps new businesses increase their exposure and global reach. Leveraging the power of social media marketing benefits brands by making them popular and profitable beyond the jurisdiction of their establishment!

Apart from making new businesses visible, social media for business marketing also enables new companies to acquire customer feedback, an all-encompassed SMM tactic. Most of us buy products or services based on social media reviews. New businesses build incredible audience relationships with the help of SMM strategies. This helps your brand to answer customer queries and register their complaints. It also allows you to improve your brand presence. Businesses can review, modify, and replace products or processes depending on customer feedback. Hence, social media marketing is a win-win for new companies and consumers!

Some popular social media platforms for marketing include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Every platform is unique and requires a standalone social media marketing approach. This enables companies to deliver multichannel messages, and consumers can view the same on their desired social media platforms.

A decade ago, social media marketing for small businesses or promoting new companies was unheard of as unchartered territory. Cut to today, most marketing happens only on social media platforms, with visible results arising from the same. However, the rise of social media marketing and influencer culture has opened doors to new possibilities for launching new businesses and making them instantly famous.

Hence, strategies such as likes, comments, and hashtags are what we call the #NextBigLaunchpadforNewBusinesses! This brings us closer to how social media can help a business grow.

An Overview of How Social Media Marketing Is The Next Big Launchpad For New Businesses

Social media marketing is the new playground uniting all demographics Moreover, it is a dream come true for every new business owner. Back in the day, advertising and marketing a new business required lots of patience, free services, and waiting for word of mouth to spread. Social media marketing has taken over this slow, age-old process, and new businesses are here for it!

This marketing tactic offers easy access to new businesses toward their target audience and acquires customers. But unfortunately, most contemporary companies shoot themselves right in the head by assuming that social media marketing is only for established and successful businesses with plenty of money to spare. Instead, social media marketing allows new companies to grow and engage with a community of present and future consumers.

Now to answer your doubts about how social media can help a business grow, let’s take a look at the primary ways that social media marketing boosts new companies: 

1. Brand Identity and Brand Awareness Market Solidification

Social media marketing has a massive advantage over the radio, magazines, TV, and other traditional social media platforms. Through this kind of marketing, you can spread information about your new business in a cost-efficient and quick way which will reach millions of people with your brand message.

This means more and more followers will convert to consumers, more sign-ups to your services, and higher conversion rates on your product and service campaigns.

2. Increases Site Traffic

If you have a functioning, designated website to host your products and services, you can yield the power of social media marketing to drive traffic to your website. For example, posting photos and videos with links to your website can improve the quantity of inbound traffic. This way, you will not rely solely on SEO and website rankings.

Site traffic is the key to promoting a new business and instrumenting the idea effectively. It is how social media can help a business grow. 

3. Seamlessly Sell Products and Services

You can directly market your products using social media marketing or the feature of retargeting ads offered by social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Through social media marketing, you can easily target your audience and show them content on their scrolling page, which is bound to establish your brand image in their minds.

Social media marketing establishes trust and authenticity in your new business and enables consumers to believe that your business is genuine and not a way of scamming people. Wondering how? When people view your social media pages and find responses to webpage comments, it creates a positive brand image.

According to statistics, 63% of consumers who search for businesses online and more like to use ones with an informative social media presence. This indicates how social media can help a business grow if used tactically.

4. Competitive Brand Presence: Online

As a new business, your target audience won’t know anything about what you do or offer. Social media marketing will establish your brand’s reach and enable more and more people to know about your products and services. According to statistics, 60% of Instagram users state that they discover new products on social media platforms.

Buyers will research a new business through social media platforms. Employ an appealing digital presence to convert prospects into leads with remarkable SMM strategies.  This is why having an online presence is essential for new businesses because potential customers want to see how active and responsive you are across digital platforms.

5. Customer and Employee Magnet

Social media has replaced job listings in the newspaper and officegoers check for such opportunities online. This is easier with the accessibility of mobile phones and Internet connections.

As for potential customers, social media marketing targets the most popular platforms to create your new business’s profile without wasting time on outlets wherein your target audience isn’t available.

Social media marketing, basically sharing content online, keeps your audience connected, entertained, and engaged, making your new business relevant in their eyes. In addition, making extensive use of trending hashtags and geotags makes your content likely to reach a more comprehensive set of target audiences. 
This covers how social media can help a  business grow, but we have more in store for you!

6. Allows an Easy 1-on-1 Audience Exchange 

Social media marketing is an excellent tool for new businesses to gain feedback from their audience and customers. Many social media features such as audience polls, feedback forms, and questionnaires help your brand to get invaluable audience insights regarding your products. This is your blueprint to remain competitive over other brands.  It helps you to develop your USP (Unique Selling Point).

This also allows new businesses to interact with customers who share negative reviews and resolve them as soon as possible. Without social media marketing, a new company would have to undergo the hassle of constantly following up on its customers, and fixing the issues would take longer.

Social media marketing also confers responsibility and pressure on new businesses to maintain a certain quality of products or services, as negative reviews on social media make their way faster than positive ones. Helping new companies engage with customers is also how social media can help a business grow.

A pro-tip from our end; when you encounter negative comments, try to acknowledge the situation and take responsibility. Compensate customers and retain them to restore brand value. This will undo any damage caused by their negative reviews and won’t affect the customers looking at your business as authentic and trustworthy.

7. A Cost-Efficient and Result-Oriented Marketing Strategy

What’s the cost of promoting your new business using social media? Creating an account and posting promotional content comes FREE OF COST on social media while you might have to pay a bare minimum for paid advertisement services that help you reach a wider audience.

For instance, Facebook has evolved into a successful social media marketing platform with over 3 billion active users. You can also run Facebook ads on Instagram, which has over 1 billion active users per month. With the right social media marketing campaign, you can make your new business reach as many people as you want.

You can target a specific audience by gender, geography, education, etc. if your products or services are about a particular audience. There is no option of promotion that isn’t possible with social media marketing.

By seeing a product in a Facebook video, 62% were more interested in it after seeing it. Social media marketing is very cost-effective. The CPM ranges between $5 to $10, which means you can spend less than $10 to reach over 1000 people. Facebook and Instagram ads have no hidden costs.

How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing

Here are a few tips that will guide you on how social media can help a business grow and how to get started with it.

Social media marketing is limitless, so you don’t have to stress over confining yourself to a particular concept. It gives you the benefit of using multiple social media platforms, and as a new business, you can start with Snapchat. It has a relatively short learning curve compared to its counterparts and gives you a high chance for one-on-one engagement with your audience. The app has over 2.5 million active users. It is a real-time photo and video-sharing app. In addition, you can use social media marketing strategies to show your work environment and the like to attract audiences to your business.

Famous brands like BMW, McDonald’s, and Adidas use Snapchat to run campaigns and boost brand awareness. The U.K. Department of Transport has used Snapchat for promotion as well!

Determine who your target audience is and get started with social media marketing keeping in mind the 80-20 rule. 80% of your content should be entertaining, trendy, connecting with the audience, and indirect promotion, while 20% should be the direct promotion of your new business.

As for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we recommend you stay active on stories and schedule your posts beforehand. With social media marketing, out of sight is out of mind!

Reaching out to social media influencers to promote your content is a result-oriented marketing strategy. It is one way to show how social media can help a business grow, enabling your new business to establish an identity faster. Hosting giveaway campaigns is also a great promotional tactic for new companies.

The final step to getting started with social media marketing is to track and measure your social media results. Keep checking to see which posts and campaigns drive traffic to your site and result in customer acquisition.

By looking at your success metrics, you can tweak and adjust your social media marketing strategy and ensure that the campaign meets your promotion goals. 

Final Thoughts

The crux of this blog is; employing social media marketing as a part of your new business’s promotional activity will generate long-lasting positive results. SMM will accelerate your new business quickly and efficiently. The only important thing to remember is consistency across social media platforms.

Social media did start as a way for people to connect. Still, now that businesses have realized its importance as means to interact and connect with their audience, yielding this strategy and having your new business acquire customers is only fitting.

As a new business, you cannot ignore social media marketing. You must take maximum advantage of this cost-efficient, result-oriented promotional tactic, or else you’re just missing out on an inexpensive and effective way to reach your target audience.

This blog gave you an extensive perspective on how social media can help a business grow. 

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