How to Increase Productivity in Workplace


How to increase productivity in the workplace - Five most effective management techniques

Avoid Micromanagement  

Micromanagement stems from managers’ apprehensions and distrust in their own team’s capabilities. They feel the need to monitor everything starting from minuscule updates on a project to strict time adherence. These can lead an employee to internalize distrust and indulge in self-doubts and anxious thoughts. Thus, affecting their ability to perform their best. 

It is extremely important to assess the employees on the basis of their performance and not the number of extra hours the employees stay in the office to create an impression. Not focusing incessantly on tiny details will free them of the burden of fear and pressure. When an individual exercises complete liberty in their area of expertise, they come up with creative and effective solutions. Liberal management administers a respectful and responsible culture fitting adults, thus promoting a healthy work culture.

Promote a Healthy Work Culture

On average, an employee spends 8 to 9 most active and productive hours of a day in workplaces, among colleagues. Therefore, there is a need to create a cordial and sustainable environment that promotes stress-free and non-toxic work ethics.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure all employees are treated fairly in terms of age, religion, caste, sex, creed, etc. One must have the freedom to express themselves without the fear of being judged and discriminated against. There should be a proper escalation matrix to report physical and verbal abuse or harassment. Human Resource teams should hold seminars to

  1. Inform employees to be respectful of individual personal space and preferences.
  2. To promote physical and mental well-being so that an employee functions at his/her utmost capacity.

Introduce Rewards and Recognition

Application of Positive Reinforcements in the workplace is one of the most highly efficient production methods in driving productivity. It is a valuable tool for strengthening positive behaviours in workers. Rewards and recognition, as a consequence of their efforts, motivate the employees to work diligently towards their goals which are in line with company goals. It generates a sense of responsibility and competition.

The introduction of incentives, and appraisals on the basis of performance improvement, promoting healthy competition, devising team-building activities, and eliminating discriminatory favouritism are some of the steps to be taken to drive productivity in a positive direction.  

Constructive Meetings from the Management 

Meetings every once in a while cause distraction to the employees. Limiting Meeting frequency and time saves an employee from unnecessary disruption from their task. Having said so, on the contrary, it is imperative to mention that meetings play a pivotal role in increasing productivity by contributing to a number of factors given below. It helps employees 

  1. Gain clarity on short-term and long-term goals for the company as well as for themselves.
  2. Understand the Agenda of the meeting.
  3. Impact of the work they are going to perform.
  4. Eliminate boredom and build a sense of being a part of a team.
  5. Facilitate creative thinking.
  6. Unify the entire team with a single idea. No matter what path they take to complete a task, they know where they are headed.
  7. Get an update on their performance and review the metrics that need improvement. 

The management needs to paint a picture of what consequences their work can bring to the company. A job may seem minor, like paying electricity bills or making a presentation. However, in case it is not done in time, it will affect the next person in line, depending on the project, thus hampering productivity majorly. This must be communicated and understood by the team. 

Team Building Activities

Interactive activities arranged by the management generate a sense of empathy and friendly bond among coworkers. Man is a social animal, and to function properly, we need the reassurance that we are part of a community. It not only makes us feel safe but helps us observe other people’s working styles and paces and make our adjustments accordingly. 

From time to time, management can arrange activities such as marathon walks, Team lunches, Group trips, Jamming sessions, Cultural events, etc., to keep everyone fresh and entertained.

Last Thoughts 

A company’s success or failure depends on the shoulders of its employees. A company thrives under strong leadership and sound administration. A safe, cultured, and employee-friendly environment is a fine example of excellent management. One can boost productivity by channeling their employees’ strength in the right direction by employing methods such as positive reinforcement, recognizing efforts, unifying the team under a gamut of creative thinking, and setting clear goals.

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