Should You Outsource Digital Marketing? (Checklist)


With the increased number of smartphone users and the rise of social media globally, online marketing has become the gold standard in the fields of marketing and advertising. However, achieving success with this approach is not easy. That is why many business decide to outsource digital marketing to an external agency.

As a business owner, you may be compelled to juggle your time between handling your digital marketing campaigns and strategies and focusing on the core aspects of your business. 

By outsourcing your internet marketing tasks, though, you will be left with enough time to scale and grow your business. 

This blog explains what it means to outsource digital marketing and which tasks you should outsource to an agency. It also contains a checklist mentioning the reasons why you should outsource digital marketing. Keep reading!

What Does Outsourcing Digital Marketing Solutions Mean?

Outsourcing digital marketing means hiring a third party to perform online marketing services for promoting and growing your business. 

Digital marketing solutions include designing and writing ads, handling Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, writing blog posts or articles, managing social media, creating video content, implementing SEO, and creating lead magnets. 

You may outsource all of these tasks, or just one, or a combination of some of these services. Businesses often outsource to agencies who have demonstrated their expertise in these marketing areas.  

Why Should You Outsource Digital Marketing?

Check off this list the benefits you hope to achieve by outsourcing your online marketing tasks:

1. Minimize Risk and Save Money

You may think it is costly to outsource digital marketing. However, when you compare the cost to that of hiring in-house employees, you will find the latter is more expensive. 

Why? This is because the cost of hiring in-house staff includes salary, benefits, and other expenses. 

Moreover, it can get overwhelming for your in-house team to handle full-scale digital marketing for your brand. As a result, you may be looking at more inefficiencies and risks in the long run. 

On the other hand, outsourcing to a dedicated external digital marketing team means targeting and reaching more customers for a positive ROI. 

2. Achieve Consistency

Small and medium businesses are likely to have only a few employees on their marketing team, if not just one. However, marketing efforts may pause when these employees take a vacation or a sick day-leave. 

It is true that you can put some business activities on hold for a little amount of time. You need to remember, though, that digital marketing should not fall in this category. 

This marketing approach should follow a strict schedule, irrespective of company events, celebrations, and holidays. Only by following a consistent market operation can your brand grow sales and customers’ trust. 

Therefore, outsourcing digital marketing solutions is the best option here. Even if a team member is on leave or is unable to work for some reason, the outsourced agency will have someone take up that employee’s work. 

3. Work with Top Marketers

Another of the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing is that you can harness their expertise and their years of practical experience. 

Often, an external digital marketing team will have the following people specializing in different aspects of the marketing approach:

  • Digital Marketing Strategist

Creates a broad-level strategy to be followed by the digital marketing execution team by identifying the right audience, creating the right buyer’s journey, and aligning the execution team with the business goal.

  • PPC Manager

Advertise product or service offerings to the target audience through varioud paid marketing channels for meeting campaign goals. They also need to monitor, update, and analyze paid digital campaigns to reduce the risk of campaign failure and grow conversions.

  • SEO Specialist

Optimizes content to perform well on search engines like Google by defining and implementing keyword strategies and conducting SEO audits.

  • Content Writers

Translates marketing ideas into compelling content, such as blogs, outreach emails, case studies, product descriptions, and webpage copies to connect with the target audience. They are often required to work in coordination with the team’s SEO Specialists.

  • Graphic Designer

Makes custom designs for your marketing ideas, including display ad copies, marketing email copies, and website design. 

  • Social Media Specialist

Creates and implements social media strategies to build your social media presence and engage with your potential and existing customers.

  • Frontend Developer

Responsible for creating call-to-actions (CTAs), pop-ups and templates, landing pages for paid online campaigns, conversion forms, and additional web pages. 

  • Data Analyst

Analyzes existing and emerging digital marketing trends for your brand by measuring the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.

4. Access the Latest and the Best Industry Technologies

A large number of marketing tools can take your digital marketing game up a notch. 

However, you may get overwhelmed with the number of tools and technologies available for small or medium businesses. That could lead to confusion about which tools you should have in your marketing tool stack. 

For example, Google Analytics can help you track your content marketing metrics, while SEMrush and Ahrefs are great SEO tools. 

Additionally, some tools may get too expensive, or even outdated, after a few years. When you outsource digital marketing services to an agency, the costs often include access to the latest marketing software and tools. 

So, you do not have to worry about getting left behind in the online marketing race. 

5. Enhance Your Efficiency

Working hard is no longer the answer to the question of succeeding in digital marketing. Working smartly is the new norm. Apart from knowing when and where to ask for help, you need to know, and play to, your strengths. 

Outsourcing digital marketing solutions can help you meet your goals faster and improve your business’s efficiency. Plus, with an in-house digital marketing team, you would have to constantly monitor their progress. 

An external team is more efficient at their job, thereby freeing you up from additional responsibilities. 

6. Minimal Training Requirements

Another reason why you should outsource digital marketing is that you do not need to provide any sort of training to the agency. All you have to do is provide information about your business and instructions as to certain tasks. 

Of course, there may be changes in the digital marketing field, such as a Google algorithm update. In that case, you can expect the outsourced agency to provide training for their team. 

7. Get New Ideas for Campaigns

An agency’s digital marketing professionals may bring a fresh perspective to your campaign that you may not have thought of earlier. They can work together and brainstorm ideas to approach your marketing strategy from a new angle. 

Relying solely on your employees to come up with ideas may be a somewhat repetitive process. 

However, to spell the difference between stagnation and growth, you need a fresh set of eyes to look at your company and monitor crucial details. Their knowledge and expertise may produce ideas for more interactive marketing campaigns to ensure a seamless customer’s journey. 

8. Keep Maintaining Campaign Success

Simply creating a marketing strategy is not the end of the road for an outsourced digital marketing agency. Rather, they need to keep investing their time and effort so that their campaign progress does not come to a standstill. 

Here are some of the tasks you can expect your external digital marketing team to keep doing:

  • Ensure content is delivered consistently
  • Optimize your website for technical SEO and other elements
  • Fix errors, bugs, and any broken links on your website
  • Track and measure your business’s performance to make adjustments accordingly

What Digital Marketing Tasks Should You Outsource?

If you lack in-house expertise in online marketing, you should definitely outsource the tasks outlined below:

  • Web Design and Development

Without a user-friendly and easily navigable website, all your marketing efforts would amount to nothing. Instead of asking your in-house team to spend time on updating and optimizing your website, you can reach out to an external team. 

They will be able to improve navigation, SEO, and other aspects of your website, while your in-house team focuses on designing websites and doing other important work for your clients.

  • Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is not only complicated but also keeps changing the rules. Your in-house staff may be familiar with basic SEO knowledge from just a year ago, but again, that would be outdated SEO knowledge. 

So, you need to hire someone who keeps pace with the latest SEO trends and updates. Outsourcing your SEO tasks to an external digital marketing team would prevent you from falling behind in the SEO race.

  • Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media marketing is not just a side role, but an entire job. Customers and clients expect to find and engage with your brand on social media. 

However, creating posts and publishing these regularly takes a lot of time and effort. Additionally, posting on social media should be a consistent task to interact with your target customers. 

An expert social media marketer can keep improving your social strategy by measuring your results.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketers help you create different types of content for your blogs, websites, social media, and guest posts. This helps drive traffic to your website, and more the traffic, more are the leads for your business. 

You need to find the right content formats, topics, the times to publish the content, and the right publishing platforms. It may be somewhat time-consuming, so it would be better for you to outsource content writing or marketing to an external agency.

Conclusion: Outsource Digital Marketing to the Right Agency

It takes a lot of time and work to plan and execute effective digital marketing campaigns. That is why the best course of action is to ask for outside help. 

For example, you can reach out to the Digital Marketing Experts at MyTasker. They will help oversee your online marketing campaigns to boost your traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. As a result, you will be left with enough time to focus on your business.

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