How to Conduct an E-Commerce Website Audit


Website audits are essential for conducting business correctly, particularly in the sector of e-Commerce. These audits are made to examine several aspects of your organization, including supply chain, platform analysis, performance, SEO, content, and CRO.

A thorough evaluation of each component during an audit will allow you to identify any existing problems and potential improvement areas. You can also utilize the audit map and guidelines created from the data to optimize your business.

Your audit should concentrate on the current state of your company. Later in your audit, you should take marketing initiatives, blog articles, and goods/products/services into account. Cast a wide net so that you may find lots of areas where you can improve. Make a note of every discovery you make because this will serve as a benchmark for your future objectives.

Why is an SEO Audit Important for E-Commerce Website?

The importance of an e-commerce SEO audit cannot be overstated. It can assist in discovering technical problems that are stopping your website from ranking, boost user experience, and improve overall website performance.

Additionally, you may profit from things like:

  • Increased traffic: You may rank higher in search results and draw more people by optimizing your website for search engines.
  • Increased conversion rates: By increasing the visibility of your website to potential consumers, you'll increase the likelihood that they'll become paying clients.
  • A competitive advantage: You may maintain your leadership position in your sector by implementing SEO audits and get a significant competitive advantage over other companies that are not doing it.
  • Lower marketing expenses: If you're operating on a limited budget, e-commerce SEO may also help you save money. Increase your visibility by ranking higher in search results without spending money on advertisements or other marketing initiatives. 
  • Increased ROI: An improved return on investment makes e-commerce SEO worthwhile for your company.

Talk to an SEO digital marketing agency to help you run an SEO audit for your e-commerce website. 

Now let's go to the e-commerce website audit checklist.

Tricks to Enhance E-Commerce Website Audit

Develop Content Management Strategy

By providing quality content, you can increase revenue in a number of fundamental ways.

The right content can captivate internet users and encourage them to make purchases.

You must thus use an effective content strategy to keep ahead of the competition for the same reasons.

With the right SEO strategy implemented on your website, if you can incorporate SEO-optimized images or visuals, it can take your content management game to a whole new level. 

Create an Effective Content Marketing Plan by keeping these tips in mind - 

  • Are you providing enough diversity in the articles on your blog? What subjects have you already discussed? Was the information dry or lacklustre? If the answer is yes, they won't, in any case, dazzle your clients. You must comprehend the problems that your clients face and create content that speaks to those issues
  • You must determine whether your material is current and appropriate for the audience if you want to engage in seasonal selling
  • Make sure the content headlines are communicating the proper message. To draw in clients, using the proper words and tone is crucial.

Work On Product Structure

Product audits have the key goal of precisely evaluating your e-commerce website to ensure clients can easily locate what they're looking for. It is accessible through Google Analytics.

  • Product categories and menus are quite important in terms of the client experience. When a customer is on your website, they make rapid selections. Thus, it is not a good idea to give complicated frameworks. 
  • To make the categories as effective as possible, make sure that there are engaging category descriptions.
  • Analyze the website's statistics, backend, and frontend to examine user navigation. Improve the integrated website search engine to make sure it offers what it should.
  • Take the required actions while keeping the needs of the clients in mind; you may do this by choosing usability testing.

Invest in Usefulness and Speed

Does your website function effectively under heavy traffic? It is crucial to understand this. Additionally, a website that performs well in terms of speed would benefit users and have higher conversion rates.

  • Check the speed of your website to discover if there are any problems that need to be fixed. You must put into action all recommended procedures that will help you increase speed, and you should also choose a reputable web host. Make sure you apply the appropriate redirects and compress the CSS and image files. It will take some time to fix any speed problems you may be having. If the issue continues for an extended period of time, it is advised to inspect the backend.
  • When heavy traffic is routed to a website, many of them crash. So, make sure it does not happen to your website in peak season sales or at least have a quick responsive plan in place if such unforeseen circumstances take place.

Constant Churning of Optimized Content

Most of your site pages must contain excellent copies or content as it aids in trust-building and brand engagement.

  • For instance, the product pages must be distinctive and educational. You can do the work utilizing various industry authors. Good product pages will keep visitors interested in your website.
  • Along with a Delivery and Returns policy, you should also include a Terms & Conditions page on the website.
  • You cannot give your website a personal touch if you employ generic or poor-quality material. In contrast to that, using the appropriate terms can help set your items out from the competition. Hire experts at website content writing services to create optimized content that adds value to your business.

Do Not Neglect Figuration

It's time to update your model photos if you're still utilizing ones that don't appeal to your target audience. Create some unique images that will relate to your products. Ensure that the pictures are aspirational.

  • However, all of the photos need to have alt tags in order for the page to be optimized.
  • Make sure to get photographs of the object from several perspectives that accurately reflect its size. Customers will benefit from a clear understanding of the goods they purchase. 
  • Always remember that the likelihood of a consumer becoming dissatisfied in the future increases if they are unable to understand the goods/products/services clearly and distinctly.

Assess & Analyze Client Encounter

You can learn more about your website visitors' behaviour by checking the statistics and Google Analytics. Conducting customer surveys will also provide you with a good starting point.

In order to give your visitors a refreshing and hassle-free experience -

  • You must ensure that your website has easy-to-use navigation that will take your visitors straight to a purchase.
  • You must have a protocol in place through which customers with concerns can reach you. 
  • Find out which of your pages are doing well and converting visitors. You can determine what is effective for you by analyzing those pages.
  • You must thoroughly inspect which items are getting sold quickly. You'll have a better understanding of how to optimize the sales of others.
  • Consider your actions in terms of customer service and analyze them. Do you have a FAQ page with the most helpful responses? How can a client reach you with a question? Have you provided a live chat option? Have you correctly shown all of the contact details? You need to work on each and every part of the customer experience.

Conduct Audits of Conversion Rate

An e-commerce site’s average conversion rate is between two and five percent. When the conversion rate is high, increasing visitors to your website with effective marketing strategies may be very profitable; otherwise, it is just a waste of money. The goal of conversion rate audit optimization is to increase the number of users who take the intended action of purchase.

According to a study, a 20% improvement in decision simplification can result in an 80% increase in the likelihood that a purchase would be made. Other considerations for conversion rate optimization include the following:

  • The CTA's size, prominence, or clickability will significantly influence conversion rates. The CTA button has to be optimized if you want a high conversion rate.
  • To enable easy navigation, as the owner of an e-commerce shop, you must present "Trust signals." This will be enhanced by appropriate linkage to the information, goods, and different pages.
  • If the discussion rate is significantly lower than anticipated, you must examine the opt-in forms. Perhaps the information requested on your website is excessive or the incentive for opting in is poorly advertised.
  • Another crucial aspect of the user experience is the checkout. The protracted checkout procedure is the main cause of cart abandonment. Ensure a seamless checkout or implement the trendy ‘One-step Checkout’ option.

Your Objectives for E-commerce Website Audit

You must be clear about your goals before launching any campaign. This implies that you must know the audit's purpose and ultimate goals. Do you want to boost conversions? Would you like to see more people visiting your website? Is it your intention to enhance some of your business and operational procedures?

A content audit can be beneficial in each of these situations, but the aspects you should pay particular attention to will vary. Your e-commerce SEO audit strategy and other marketing initiatives, such as PPC or social media, will be your main priorities when you wish to improve traffic. However, you must work directly on your website by enhancing its components and operations if you want to boost conversions once your consumers are there.

As a result, you should consider your goals before beginning your e-commerce website audit so that you can develop a strategy to carry it out.

Wrapping Up…

Website audits are important for a variety of reasons. You may use them to update what is already there and what could be improved, repeat what worked well previously, and also rectify some ongoing errors and bugs. 

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This will not just improve the overall performance and the user engagement quotient of your website but will also help you to take your brand seamlessly to your target audience and ultimately boost your bottom line.

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