Save Thousands of Dollars (If Not Million) On Google Ads


The Importance Of Google Ads

In this era, where technology plays a vital role in making your business cross boundaries, Google Ads is your one-stop solution.

A few important reasons why Google Ads planning is important:

Target Your Audience:

Google Ads lets you target your specific group of audience based on your business's geographical location, and demographics as well as in terms of the search terms. Thus, it is imperative, that your business will likely reach a greater mass of people, who are searching for your services.


Google operates mainly on a pay-per-click basis. This means, the existing business organization only initiates a payment when someone clicks the ads. This is a cost-effective method, as all business organizations control the budget, by only paying for the clicks.

Better Results: 

To measure the effectiveness and performance of the ads, Google provides detailed analytics and reporting. This allows for identifying the ads that are generating the most value. 

It Is Flexible:

These ads can be adjusted at any point in time, with the help of Google, and the business can create another transformative way to adapt their strategies that are performance-driven and contribute to the needs of the business.

Increase Your Visibility:

Google ads ensure that your business is reaching the targeted group of people by increasing visibility on search engine pages or (SERPs). By being at the top of the SERP list, a business can easily increase its brand value as well as gain more traffic to the website.

Thus we can say that Google Ads help a business in making their online visibility felt which in turn helps to gather several customers.

Tips and Tricks To Make Google Ads Strategy Plan Cheaper

There are innumerable tips and tricks which may allow you to make Google Ads cheaper, some of them are as follows:

  1. Check the long-tailed keyword: Long-tailed keywords are nothing but a specific set of targeted keywords. When it comes to long-tailed keywords, the cost is pretty less per click, and have low competition as well. 

  2. Using Negative Keywords: If you don't want to trigger your ads, you can incorporate the use of negative keywords. Thus by implementing negative keywords, you can lower the cost per click and avoid irrelevant clicks.

  3. Focus on the Quality Score: Google has its standards of quality ratings that find the relevance of your ads with the keywords that are being used. So the higher your quality score is, the cost is comparatively less. Therefore it is important to m maintain a good quality score and focus on the creation of high-quality ads and landing pages that are relevant to your business and to your customers too. 

  4. Effective Budget Google Ads:  Fixing a budget is important for your Google Ad Campaigns as it will allow you to stay within budget and minimize overspending. Fix a specific budget either monthly or daily and Google will ensure that stay within the budget by adjusting your bids. 

  5. Schedule Ads: The best way to target your audience is by showing your ads at a specific time in the day or days of the week. Thus you can control your ads and at the same time avoid spending excess money on clicks that won’t convert.

  6. Test and Optimize: Testing the various ad formats, and headlines may allow you to come across the most effective ads that are well-suited for your audience. 

Collaborating with an experienced digital marketing consulting firm can be a smart move to develop a strong Google Ads strategy. Google Ads is a powerful advertising platform, and a well-crafted strategy can help you reach your target audience, increase brand visibility, and drive conversions. 

Reasons Why Google Ads Are Expensive

There are a few reasons why Google Ads Are Expensive. Some of them are stated below:

  1. Increase in the competition: Almost all business companies are using Google Ads for their promotion. Thus, the competition in the ad space also increases. This in turn can lead to higher bids and at the same time, higher cost of clicks. 

  2. Demand for keywords: Depending on the search volume and competition, certain keywords are more expensive than others. So, if businesses are targeting high-demand keywords, they need to increase their pay-per-click in order to compete with the ongoing businesses.

  3. Below the belt quality score: The quality score of Google helps to determine the relevance as well as the quality of an ad on the landing page. Now, if an ad has a low-quality score, it will require a high cost per click.

  4. Target the Ads: If a specific business is targeting a specific geographical location, the cost per click is usually higher due to limited reach.

  5. The Ad Format: A variety of ads have a variety of formats. For example, video ads are comparatively more expensive than text ads.

  6. Ad placements: To have a higher cost per click, ads are usually placed at the top and not at the bottom.

Businesses should focus on improving the quality score, using long-tailed keywords, and optimizing the ad campaigns for maximum effectiveness, and also to reduce the cost of Google ads. 

In addition to this, setting up a precise ad budget and monitoring the progress of the campaign can also help you in checking the total cost.  

The Reason Behind The Failure of Google Ads

There are a number of reasons which make Google Ads inefficient or not that beneficial. Some of them include:

  1. Poorly targeted ads: Every ad has a target audience. Now if your ad fails to target the right group audience, there is a high chance that the may not generate enough clicks and at the same time conversions. Thus, every business organization should ensure that its ads are targeted to a specific geographical location, keywords, demographics, and interests.

  2. Unproductive ad copies: No matter what group of crowd you are targeting, the ad copies must be crisp, concise and clear, and compelling to the audience. If your ad copy fails to resonate with the audience, they won't be much interested in clicking and checking the website. Outsourcing your ad copywriting to the best content-writing company can be a wise decision to ensure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. 

  3. Landing page experience: The most important aspect of a landing page is the experience, navigation as well as how well it is able to show the brand. If the landing page is unattractive and unappealing, visitors might leave the page as soon as it loads.

  4. Low-quality score: Google takes the help of a quality score to determine the quality of a landing page. Now if the quality score is low, your ad may not receive the attention and impression as well as enough clicks.

  5. Competition: If the competition for a specific ad space is higher than others, then it can be difficult to create enough clicks as it requires high bidding amounts.

  6. Low budget: If the budget of an ad is low, it might not generate enough conversions and clicks.

Now in order to make the ad copies work, business organizations must take care of a few parameters which are immensely helpful to generate clicks and conversions. These are:

  • Keyword research
  • Interesting and compelling ad copies
  • Smartly designed landing pages
  • Monitoring and optimizing the ad campaigns

Apart from all these, it is also essential to understand the target audience and the search behaviours which will allow the creation of concise ad campaigns which meet their needs as well as preferences.

Below are a few examples of Google Texts advertisements:

Case Number 1:

A person searches for “ Coffee shop open near me”

The title generated by Google: “The Top Restaurants Open Near You”

Description 1: Coffee that is freshly brewed, delectable pastries.
Description 2: Free Wi-Fi available, outdoor seating arrangement.

Exhibit URL: 
Ultimate URL: 

Case Number 2: 

If you search for "Best Sports Running Shoes"

Title generated by Google: “Get The Best Fitted Shoes For Running”

Description1: Variety of Collection
Description 2:Free Shipping And Easy Return Policy

Display URL: 
Final URL:  

Case Number 3:

A person searches for “Organic Skincare Kit”

Title Generated By Google: “Let Your Skin Breathe With Our Oghanic Skincare” 

Description Line 1: Natural, Organic and No Added Chemicals Used
Description Line 2: Get a sample free with every purchase

Display URL:
Final URL: 

In each of the above-mentioned ads, there is relevance to the user’s query and the ads highlight the unique selling points of the businesses. Moreover, all these ads have a very clear call to action and include a valid URL. Thus, by following these parameters, any business organization can create smart and effective Google text ads that in turn drive adequate traffic and promotes conversions.

Below are mentioned some of the poorly made Google Ads

Example One: A person searches for “running shoes”

Title: Running Shoes

Description line 1: Buy Running Shoes Now
Description line 2: Shipping free

Display URL:
Final URL:

This ad is comparatively generic and does not provide enough insight into the product as well as the business. Moreover, the ad is not compelling enough and neither does it have any unique selling proposition.

Example Two: A person searches for “organic skincare”

Title: Skincare

Description line 1: Buy Skincare now
Description line 2: Natural products

Display URL:
Final URL: 

This is a generic ad with no clear vision. Additionally, it is futile to attract the audience without proper product details. Due to a lack of transparency, the product fails to highlight its unique points. 

Example Three: If you are searching for “coffee shops”

Title: Coffee Shops

Line 1 illustration: Get coffee and snacks instantly
Line 2 illustration: Open regularly

Description URL: 
Final URL: 

This is a vague ad that fails to highlight the types of coffee and snacks provided. It is an unattractive ad that does not illustrate the unique selling point of the coffee shop. 

Each of the ad examples discussed in this article is poorly framed. Hence these ads are ineffective with very little or no information. It is imperative to add proper information, keywords and USP of the business if you want to attract an audience with your Google ads. 

Google Ad Campaigns Important Factors: 

  1. Carry out research to find the most relevant keywords that match the user's search and query.
  2. Create an attractive ad copy that promotes the USP of the business and its products and services.
  3. The landing page must be user-friendly and easy to navigate and provide an idea about the business’s products and services.
  4. Business organizations should monitor and optimize the campaign at regular intervals to improve performance and allocate the budget effectively.
  5. Testing should be done to understand the different ad formats to target the right set of audiences.
  6. Understanding the needs of the audience and their search behaviour to create compelling ads. 
  7. Using extensions to enhance the ads, and incorporating enough information like callouts, site links, and snippets.

Thus by following best and effective practices, any business can easily create an ad campaign that effectively drives traffic to your webpage, generate clicks and leads and increase overall conversions. And at the same time save money on Google Ads campaigns. 

Virtual assistant experts at MyTasker are well-versed to create, set up, run and maintain attention-grabbing Google Ads. Connect with us now and share your requirements. We ensure to provide you with fruitful results that generate more organic leads and convert traffic with enticing ad copies and consistent ad campaigns based on your business model. 

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